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Roman liturgy liturgical calendar for your online agenda - featuring both forms

This article provides links to two online calendars, which you can import in your own digital agenda. [update: it became four calendars]

These calendars are to become component of another project. They will be linked to a website featuring contents related to liturgical days, e.g. works of art referring to readings at mass or daily contemplations. Nevertheless I hope people will already start  using this (basic) calendar in their google accounts, on their mobile agenda or PC calendar application and provide feedback about it’s correctness. [update: this project has been released in the meanwhile as]

There are separate calendars for the liturgy according to both the ‘ordinary form of the roman rite’ (a.k.a. novus ordo mass, mass of 1969/1970, mass of Paul VI) and to the ‘extraordinary form of the roman rite’ (a.k.a. tridentine mass, mass of 1960/1962, mass of John XIII).

The calendars are only featuring the most important liturgical days, up till end of 2013. [update: up till end of 2019]

This calendar will also become available in Dutch (and perhaps other languages) in a later stage. [update: also available: Dutch and French]

The calendars are available as iCal-files, based on a shared Google Calendar. [update: they’re native iCal services]

Liturgical Calendar of the Roman rite (ordinary form) Calendar of the liturgical days for the ordinary form of the Roman rite, containing Sundays, solemnities and feasts.

Liturgical Calendar of the Roman rite (extraordinary form) Calendar of the liturgical days for the extraordinary form of the Roman rite, containing Sundays, feasts, vigils and feria’s of I and II class.

[update: to download the calendar or grab the sync URL, see this separate page: Liturgical Calendars (in English)]

Note: using the subscription link is the preferred way to integrate this calendar, because it will allow your agenda to automatically synchronize when the calendar is updated. If the ‘tinyurl’ link isn’t working, try the full URL link to the iCal-file. If you find technical problems, please leave a comment. Here are some references to other online liturgical calendars and related applications, some of which have been used as testing reference (if you know more, please leave a comment):Ordinary form:

Extraordinary form:

  • Evangelizo (Dagelijks Evangelie) (english, french, [mobile app])
  • Latin Mass Society of England and Wales (english)
  • Divinum Officium (english, latin, [mobile app])

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